Protecting your smile while playing sports is essential when you have braces. It will protect your mouth and teeth if you were to be hit or kicked in the teeth, helping you avoid chipping or losing a tooth and getting sores or cuts on your lips from your braces.

Types of Mouthguards

“Boil and bite” and premade mouthguards available at most sporting goods stores are fitted to the teeth. They are not the best mouthguards to use with orthodontic treatment because they don't allow the teeth to move while they are in your mouth. The best kind of mouthguard is a custom loose fitted one that doesn't stick to the teeth so the teeth can still move freely during your treatment.

When you get braces at our Bellefontaine, Springfield, or Beavercreek office, we will give you a mouthguard completely free. We offer a silver two-piece mouthguard that is loose fitted and folds up to fit in your mouth. It is loose enough to allow the braces to work underneath it, while still protecting your teeth and mouth from injury.

Mouthguard Tips

  • Wear your mouthguard whenever you are doing a sporting event or rough housing to protect your teeth and lips.
  • Keep your mouthguard in a case or your sports bag to make sure you always have it handy.
  • Keep your mouthguard clean by rinsing it off with water and brushing it with your toothbrush. Having food or plaque in your mouthguard can make it fit poorly and can damage your teeth.
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