Month: December 2020

Understanding the Anatomy of Your Teeth

Teeth seem pretty simple on the surface. They’re white (usually), they’re hard, and they help you do things like chew food, pronounce consonants, etc. Beneath their shiny exterior, however, things become a lot more complex.   At Dhingra Orthodontics, we believe a person should have a better understanding of their dental makeup. This helps them know how and why they should protect …

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Understanding How Invisalign Works

Virtually everyone wants straight teeth. If you have misalignment, the only way to achieve that is with orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, many people aren’t eager to get traditional bracket braces. Thankfully, there’s another option that can achieve the same results for a comparable price:  Invisalign.  Invisalign is an alternative to braces that was introduced in the late 90s. Since …

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