Month: June 2020

What Can be Done About Bad Breath?

Everyone experiences bad breath from time to time. Maybe they ate something with garlic, drank too much coffee, or slept with their mouth open. These instances are easy enough to address. Many people chew on a stick of gum or put a mint in their mouth.   While these options can provide a quick fix, they’re not always enough to treat the underlying cause of serious bad …

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Life After Invisalign

Everyone who is undergoing orthodontic treatment looks forward to the day where their treatment ends, and they can show off their brand-new smile. Not only does orthodontic treatment help your teeth look better, but it can alleviate grinding, excessive wear, uncomfortable bites, jaw pain, morning breath, and more.  Those undergoing Invisalign treatment have a slightly different end-treatment experience. Due to the discreet …

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